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bleSSed bY aNgeLs

The word angel
derives from the Greek angelos
meaning "messenger"
is the highest Hierarchy
of the nine Angelic orders.
They are the closest
in all of heaven
to the throne of God.
Their function is to
circle the throne of God!
Seraphim are usually identified
with the fire of eternal love
living flames of love
They are known as the "the Burning Ones"
They radiate such an intense blinding light
that the the other Angelic orders
cannot look upon them
Enoch stated in
the Old Testament, Isaiah 6:1-3
each Seraphim has six wings:
two covering the face,
two covering the feet,
and two were used for flying."
color is white.
This order includes:
Gabriel, Michael, Metatron, Uriel,
Nathanael, Jehoel
& Satan ( before his fall)

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